It was a summer evening of 2017 and we were in a coffee shop, talking about the grave situation of deteriorating public health and increasing cases of colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, hypo- and hyper thyroids and other chronic diseases in our society.  Available evidences were pointing obviously towards the deteriorating food quality and lack of public awareness towards healthy foods,  public indifference or reluctance to  healthy life-style ,  lack of  healthy food alternatives, unaccountability of government bodies towards public health. Finally we were unanimous on one conclusion that we should not just blame government , made them responsible for every evils,  escape from our  responsibilities towards our society and justify ourselves blameless. We decided that  whatever potentials we have, we should use them to contribute to the society which at present , was in desperate situation,  in  an organized  campaign and  with informative and  motivational  programs.

Okay ! before  coming  with  any  campaign , we  did  a number of survey  in  different parts of  the  country   and   did  study   and researches  on  the  information  available  in the best  online  sites  developed   by  international  and  national   organizations  like ( WHO ),  research centers nutritionists ,  scholars,   activists   and  campaigners  (consumers rights  activists ) those   concerned  with human  health. What we  found  were  unexpected  and  unimaginable !

Issues of our survey  and  research:

We made researches on various aspects pertaining to this issues like

  • Increasing incidence of  chronic diseases in our society , like colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, hypo- and  hyper-thyroid
  • The level of health awareness in our society and public commitments towards their better food habits and healthy lifestyle
  • Indiscriminate use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in crops, vegetables and fruits by the farmers  &  consequences of  consumption
  • Indiscriminate  use of  preservatives , additives like inorganic coloring agents, inorganic taste-enhancing chemicals in foods by manufacturers & their effect on our health
  • Processed foods and fast foods &  their consequences on human health

Let’s see what we found from our survey and researches.

Findings of our researches

Then, what are the alternatives for these foods that are

  • poisoning your body,
  • slowing eating your body parts up,
  • dismantling all your body parts and body systems,
  • weakening vital organs like heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and lungs and hastening the failure or malfunctioning of one or more of them ,
  • causing deadly diseases like cancer , diabetes, thyroids and
  • accelerating you towards premature death

Even while we are alive,

What the foods we are consuming, consist of ?

Processed foods viz. heat processed oils, bran- stripped flours which have been stripped of their major portion of vitamins and minerals during manufacture, and Pesticide-laden oil, cereals, veggies and fruits, which does harm ten times more than they benefit us ,

What are left with us we wish to live a healthy life by?

Almost nothing!

That’s why we are witnessing growing incidence of  chronic and fatal diseases in every society , even in children of age below 10,

Civilization is not eating what degrades and destroys us.

Civilization is moving towards better life  and  better health.

As per our motto “Trust us ! We are the  caretaker of  your health”,  we are committed to give you the best information available and best solutions as well.

Okay !  we did  a lot  of homework to find out  the best alternatives  for those  unhygienic foods , which are completely based on research reports and recommendations given by the renowned health organizations ,  nutritionists, consumer right activists  and  food technologists .  We gathered plenty of  information  and  … arranged them  in a best way possible in different  categories and  have come  up before you with  a number of  educational , motivational and  informative  programs through our  website which  is  the eyes – mouth – brain of  us and our campaign  and our office (company) with a slogan “ Back to Nature ( Nepal )” ,  made completely with a holistic / altruistic purpose of  transformation of  our society through health ,

Our programs and commitments  towards  the  society,

  1. Active motivation towards healthy food habit and healthy life-style
  2. Free education about human body and biological systems with a program “know your body” through our blog and real free class.
  3. Free education about the nutrients and foods they are found, and what should you eat and what you should reject , depending upon the nature and health conditions of your biology through the program  “Foods : you need and you don’t need ”
  4. Know with us why one should avoid processed foods through our program “ Processed Food :  slow killer and root cause of  most chronic diseases and malnutrition ”. When you consume your delicious processed foods, you are still malnourished, as they are nutrition-stripped and contain only negligible portions of them, on the other side, they spoil many of your body systems.
  5. Leachy junk foods
  6. Dreadful situation of pesticide and chemical laden crops, veggies and fruits : Long term pesticide laden foods or direct exposure has been linked to the development of many chronic diseases like asthma, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, childhood leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma and brain cancer(based on research report). They are the major endocrine disruptors or spoils the balance of hormones in our body causing reduced semen quality, genital malfunctions, prostate cancers in male, appearance of cysts in the ovaries, uterus and breast cancer, decreased fertility and early abortions in females. They are the major cause of hyper- and hypo thyroidism and thyroid tumors. Know with us more about diseases you have and their direct relation with  kitchen through our program “ Pesticides in your daily foods :  collapse of hormonal balance
  7. Motivation by providing evidences and research reports “Trust Us – we are caretakers of your health – we talk with evidences” . Our survey report suggests that majority of people do not bother to think about the health consequences of junk foods and processed foods, some even highly literate lots take them to maintain their social status, and do not take seriously without solid evidences. They find it easier to lead a life-style that they are used to.  Through our programs, we will provide research reports and evidences, why someone in your family and in your close neighbourhood have some specific problems and their connection with what they are consuming.

Our  final  program  is,  “ Back to Natural  Iife  with  Organic  Foods”

After   much  research , we  found  that   there have  already  been  big  efforts  by  many   international  and  national  organizations ,  government   and  non-government  organizations   and   activists   towards  the  transformation  of   healthy  society,  and   they   were  found  to  be  unanimous  on  the  issue  of  Organic  Foods  as  the  only  best  alternative  for  all  the  evils  of   unhygienic  foods .  ” ORGANIC  FOOD ”  One  big  solution  for  all  food-generated  chronic  diseases   – the  essence  of   all  our  researches  and  surveys  – the  only  alternative  for   all   our  problems  and  the  objective of  all  our  programs  –  the  holistic  foods  without  any  contaminants,  inorganic  and  harmful  chemicals  and  pesticides   and   with  all  the  nutrients  preserved  in  their   natural  states . Organic  foods  are  produced  without the use of   pesticides  and  other  chemicals , and  are  converted  into  other  foods  without   the processing  with heat and other inorganic and  harmful chemicals.

Because  of  our  commitment  to  our  society,  on  the ground  of  which  our  company  came  into existence,  we  have decided  and  working   to  provide  alternatives  for  all the  unhygienic  foods  with  complete  series   of   organic  foods  so  that  you  could  completely  free yourself  from  the claws  of   the degraded  and   deleterious  foods. It will definitely  take  some time  to  come  up  with  our complete programs immediately . At   present,  we  have  included  some  of  the domestic   cereals  and  other  food  products   grown in   remote  hilly  regions  of  Humla,  Jumla, Mugu  and  Mustang .  Other  products  which are  not  possible  to  get  in  organic  form  in  Nepal,  we  will  manage them  from  other  countries  for  you. These products will  be certified  with USDA,  a  US based  organisaiton  to  …. organic quality  and    free  of  pesticides  and  harmful chemicals.  Some  of  the  imported  organic  certified  food  products  you can  find  with  us  are  listed  below :

  1. Cold- pressed  oil   with   (USDA ) organic  certification  :
  2. What is cold-pressed  oil   and  heat  processed  oil  ?
  3. know – why you  should  not  use  heat – processed  oil  available  in  the  market .
  4. Organic certified

We  provide  you  all  information about  what  is  organic  foods  in  reality  and  why  we need  to  incorporate  them  in  our  meal  and  we  are  already  too  late  to  on  it  through our  program.  We found  it  necessary  to  provide  information


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