Health Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella packs several essential nutrients which make it a superfood. This algae has been receiving a lot of buzz of its impressive nutritional contents. Its capacity to rid the body of toxins and to improve the cholesterol level, has gained much attention from the scientists.

Cholerlla is known for these heath benefits:

Super nutritious

Protein: It contains all nine essential amino acids, hence is a complete protein source. It is 50-60% protein.
Omega-3s: 3 grams of chlorella can provide 100 mg of omega-3
Antioxidants: It is a source of a wide range of antioxidants.
Vitamins: Vitamin B1/Thiamine, B2/riboflavin, B3/niacin, B5/pantothenic acid, B6/pyridoxine, B7/biotin, B9/folic acid, B12/Cobalamin, Vit C
Minerals: It contains magnesium , zinc, iron,manganese,copper, calcium .

  • Linoleic acid
  • Lycop
  • ene
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Protects Liver and boosts  Immunity

Liver plays a big role in enhancing the immune power of our body. In a study, 8 week consumption of Chlorella improved the liver function in fatty liver disease patients. In rats,  Chlorella extracts found to protect against alcohol  and toxin induced liver damage. On Chlorella supplementation, 70 fatty  liver disease patients showed reduced weight and reduction of glucose levels  decreasing inflammatory indicators. 12 weeks treatment with Chlorella pyrenoidosa extract on 18 hepatitis C patients, showed significant reduction of levels of alanine transaminase (ALT), a marker of liver inflammation. Regular consumption of chlorella, strengthens the liver and  helps to build a  strong immune mechanism.

In a trail of 51 healthy individuals, the consumption of chlorella for 8 weeks enhanced immunity. Intense exercise weakens the immune system, but the 5 weeks of Chlorella supplementation found to prevent the decrease in immune function. Experiment done on mice, showed the chlorella prevented the immunosuppressive effect caused by stress.

Normalizes the blood pressure

Chlorella is found to have significant potential on Blood pressure and cholesterol. A study performed on 80 individuals with normal to high levels of blood pressure and borderline hypertension, the supplementation of GABA-rich Chlorella tablets for 12 weeks  showed significant reduction in blood pressure.

Helps  lower the cholesterol

Daily intake of chlorella found to lower the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in people with high blood pressure and slightly elevated cholesterol , which is attributed to the niacin, fiber, carotenoids and antioxidants it contains

Lowers blood sugar level

Studies showed that Chlorella enhanced glucose uptake by liver and muscle cells, with consequent reduction of blood glucose. In mice, Chlorella pyrenoidosa increased insulin sensitivity and decreased insulin resistance, thus enhanced the glucose-lowering effect of insulin. A study performed in 70 non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the consumption of Chlorella for 8 weeks showed reduced blood glucose levels.

Rich in Antioxidants and  strong immune system

In a trail done on 38 smokers for 6 weeks, chlorella supplementation reduced the levels of malondiadehyde in the blood, a marker of oxidative stress, and enhanced the blood levels of 7 different antioxidants, which ultimately contribute to a strong immune system.

  • Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Glutathione (GSH) , Superoxide dismutase activity (SOD),Glutathione peroxidase activity (GPx), Catalase activity (CAT) and total antioxidant status ,
  • Another 6 –week study with 52 smokers revealed that Chlorella powder increased blood levels of  vitamin E (Alpha- tocopherol) and vitamin C.

Enhances Aerobic Endurance and Muscle Strength

Consumption of 6 grams of chlorella for 4 weeks showed improved oxygen intake in exercisers, a key marker of aerobic endurance (performance). Enhanced aerobic endurance of muscle increases its strength and  capacity to do hardwork for extended period of time  without getting tired.

Detoxification of the body of heavy metals and toxins

Chlorella is  known for its ability to remove heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead from our liver, brain and kidneys, which could otherwise slowly damage these organs.In rats, chlorella promoted dioxin (a cancer causing chemical- highly toxic)excretion in  feces by inhibiting the absorption of dioxins from the digestive tract.

Pregnancy Complications

Chlorella can reduce the risk of a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia. In a 2010 study published in the Journal ‘ PLANT FOOD FOR HUMAN NUTRITION’, researchers in Japan provided 70 pregnant women with either a daily 6-gram of a chlorella supplement, when they had significantly higher haemoglobin levels, lower incidence of edema[tissue swelling], proteinuria[protein in urine] and gestational hypertension, all of which indicating a reduced risk of preeclampsia.

Protection from harmful lights of mobile and laptops

Chlorella is a potent source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants proven to fight against blue light’s harmful effects and lower macular degeneration risk.

Nourishes  Gut microbiome  and Enhances the Immune Power

Study has shown that  a big portion of immune cells are found in our large and small intestines, and the beneficial bacteria residing in them significantly determine the their functions. The regular Chlorella is  a rich source of prebiotics like polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, which play a key role in nourishing the good bacteria in your gut and keeping your microbiome healthy, thus the regular consumption of chlorella is sure to boost our immune power.

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